MEDITATION - A Pathway to Self-Discovery

MEDITATION , A Pathway to Self-Discovery

MEDITATION - A Pathway to Self-Discovery

Most people have the wrong idea of reflection. They think that you need to rest like a Yogi on a mountain top or in a peaceful location and take on a specific setting or posture to meditate. Well, I am going to reveal you below exactly how easy it is to meditate anywhere and anytime. You can be at work, in your home or driving in your auto. You will certainly obtain instant gain from this exercise as well as ask yourself why you did not discover it prior to.

There are lots of systems of meditation created, however few people understand the function of reflection. They use different strategies to soothe their mind, but when they return to their routine, their minds return to their tortured state and confusion. There is no actual peace, comprehending or enlightenment in the person.

Meditation is not about concentrating on one object as well as shutting out the remainder in mind. It is not just about relaxing your mind as well as getting some tranquility. It is not regarding faith or faiths. In my mind, the genuine objective is to uncover the ageless measurement where there is infinite peace. It is also learning about yourself, how you operate in your mind and also harmonise your internal and outer worlds. It is a pathway to self-discovery.

Currently you may not know it, but the classic dimension is equally as real as the time dimension we are staying in, where we have the past, today and also the future. It is infinite, relaxed, and also always in the present. The only thing that divides you from the ageless is your understanding.

Lots of people experience the timeless when they are away from any kind of synthetic frameworks out in the countryside, on a mountain top or in the shrub. There, the infinite dimension is so overwhelming that a person can feel the moment quit. It is a spontaneous occurrence. The mind comes to be sharp and also still without a solitary idea to disturb it, where the viewer in mind, and what is being observed turns into one phenomenon. One becomes part of deep space. What one experiences is actual and past words. It is not creativity. It is only when the silly vanity says some inane words such as" Oh what an attractive view this is ... etc." that the magic spell is broken.

Right here you did not realise that you had actually entered the ageless dimension, yet saying those words brought you back to your present time zone. Please understand the ego. It is a great survivor and hesitates of vanishing from the mind. It uses the assuming process to travel in time by utilizing words and also sentences. If you did not verbalise, you would discover that your thoughts have no substance.

Therefore thinking is an obtained practice we use to load our mind with ideas. One thought ends and another one begins. When we are not believing, we are always doing something else. We may be paying attention to songs, watching tv, playing sporting activity or participating in other escapist tasks. One worries that if one quit thinking, one may vanish from the mind. The ideas go round and also round like a squirrel in a cage. The mind is never vacant. This consistent excitement of the subconscious mind makes it grow agitated and unstable. One yearns for tranquility.

While calming songs can assist us soothe our mind, it is reflection one needs to rely on for getting genuine tranquility as well as tranquillity. Reflection ought to be enjoyable and also a continuous learning process. It is a course to knowledge. You do not have to embrace a specific position or stance.

Please understand that meditation is not concerning concentrating on one point and also excluding every little thing else. In my mind, it is an extensive process and also at first requires a little technique. Here is a basic way to meditate and also uncover the timeless, anywhere as well as anytime. When we consider in this manner, life comes to be an infinite meditation.

It does not matter where you are. You may be at work sitting at a desk or sitting at home in your lounge watching TV. Look at the picture in front of you. Look at all the objects in front of you without saying a single word in your mind. You can recognise and know all the objects in your view without naming them or focusing on any particular one. Now broaden your vision to take in the whole picture of the room, except the back of you. Do not say a single word. You now have a panoramic view of the entire room except the back of you. There is an observer (the ego) in your mind observing the whole picture, fully alert and in the present. If you watch closely, you will notice an ethereal stillness in the room. At the same time, please note that you have not disappeared from the mind. Your mind is not blank. You are trying to understand the present.

While doing this, please become aware of your habit of thinking trying to interrupt your observations. Do not try to control your thoughts. Let them flow freely. Note how words activate your thinking process. If you did not say or use names (verbalise), the thoughts have no life in them-the same thing with emotions. Become aware of the feeling that might be disturbing you. Stay with it. Note that if you put words to your feelings, you intensify them. If you do not verbalise, the feelings evaporate.

Also, please become aware of the words you use in your mind. Train yourself to replace negative words with positive words, even if you do not mean it. Our subconscious mind responds reflexly to words, not their meaning. For example, if you are driving in a hurry and under tension, say this "Relax, slow down. What is the rush? There is plenty of time". You will be surprised to find yourself relaxing and slowing down.

When you practice meditation this way, you will soon come to recognise the phenomenon of the observer and the observed, becoming one in your mind. It is a spontaneous occurrence. When this happens, you are experiencing the timeless dimension. You will soon realise that you are an eternal part of this universe. You will understand what peace of mind is and what eternity is.

The timeless dimension is like 3D-picture. At first, it looks flat. But if one keeps looking at it, the depth (the third dimension) appears. Most of us are looking at reality with a tunnel vision, focusing our attention on a small area. With the simple method described above, you will soon be able to look at the picture with a panoramic view.

Do you still think it is difficult to practice meditation this way? Try it; it is easy. First, look at a distant object. Then broaden your view to take in the whole picture except the back of you. Now you have a panoramic view. Doesn't this technique alone give you instant relief of tension in your facial muscles? Develop this good habit. Soon your perception will change. When you look at the picture in front of you with a panoramic view, you will feel instantly relaxed. You will not be developing any new wrinkles on your face. Practicing meditation every day the way I have described above, will keep you mentally young and refreshed. You will not have to worry about Alzheimer's Disease. It will also slow down the aging process.

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