What Zonka Comments is doing to ensure Staff member Safety & Service Continuity during COVID-19 Coronav


What Zonka Comments is doing to ensure Staff member Safety & Service Continuity during COVID-19 Coronav

There's nothing more important than health and safety. Following the international pandemic, COVID 19 Coronavirus, staying safe has actually become more vital than ever before. We, at Zonka Comments, have emp ... There's nothing more crucial than health and safety. Following the worldwide pandemic, COVID 19 Coronavirus, remaining secure has actually come to be more important than ever before. We, at Zonka Responses, have actually used a great deal of procedures to guarantee that our workers are healthy and balanced as well as risk-free and that works go on common in the midst of this global dilemma.

Alongside, as a tool that is used to do study surveys, take consumer feedback and take studies, we're extremely dedicated to supplying full connection for our customers.

To ensure the safety of our coworkers and also continuity for our consumers, right here's exactly how we're reacting to COVID 19.

Surving our Consumers

Our company believe in our function to offer our consumers and community is extremely crucial. As COVID 19 spreads, a few of our consumers, specifically in the medical care market have enhanced their use of Zonka Comments to run wellness evaluation studies on people, to catch data as well as also to do study. Ecommerce business continue to make use of Zonka Comments to take comments on deliveries.

Throughout the company, we're making certain that we're here to offer our customers as we all encounter this worldwide pandemic.

Caring for our staff members (Work from Home for everyone).

All coworkers, without exception, are functioning from house to make certain social distancing. A great deal of us travel utilizing public transportation as well as it simply isn't secure anymore. All employee are asked to stay home unless they're out for some emergency as well as work from house properly.

Developing a Framework for Remote Working.

To make the most of the brand-new office routine, which is that everyone is now functioning from residence and not physically fulfilling each other to work together, right here are a few points we're doing to establish a framework and also procedure that works for everybody.

Daily Skype Meetings & Updates - We satisfy daily in between 9 AM as well as 10 AM at Skype as well as Slack to give daily updates and run our daily stand meetings. This maintains us all clued in as well as assists the managers intend much better.
Connection to Serve - With Zoom, Intercom, Zendesk, HubSpot and also Social Media, also WhatsApp - we are available to our clients in any way times to guarantee they can reach us anymore.
Remote Work Devices to Serve Consumers & Convenience Working from House - We have placed in a place a lot of productivity devices that make remote functioning easy and assist us serve our consumer successfully. These tools make it very easy for groups to remain gotten in touch with each otherBusiness Monitoring Articles, team up and additionally be quick at replying to clients.

Remain safe. Keep inside. Allow's maintain this infection from spreading out!

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